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There are 6 characteristics you need to take your social life to the next level, and we'll teach you each one of them:


The mindset before a social activity is cruicial in having next level conversations with people.

Relational Skills

Being able to relate to people using charisma is easier than you think. There's tips we offer.


High level and above average questions are the most important peiece of conversations. Learn why.

Conversation starters

We offer a long list of conversation starters in addition to our course. You just have to adapt it to your social activity.

Carrying the conversation

Being able to keep the conversation flowing can be challenging. But, it's cruicial in keeping things interesting and fun.

Ending the conversation

The ability to end or move on from a conversation is critical because this is where you make friendships. Knowing how to continue the connection or not is imperative.

Here's a quick introductaion to our course

Skyrocket Your Social Growth

Imagine what life would be like if you had the ability to easily start a conversation, create a genuine connection with someone who then becomes a friend, a new employer, or significant other.

Imagine being able to confidently keep the conversation going and becoming likable without being fake.

When you're done with this course, you'll have the knowledge, and ability to build genuine relationships with the confidence to take action and live the social life you've always wanted. Mastering the skill of conversation will help you become successful in any career or social situation. If you’re looking for methods, and actionable strategies to improve conversations and overall social skills, then this is the course for you.

Learn high-level methods

Our course gives high-level methods to improve daily conversations quickly and efficiently. In addition, you'll be able to start conversations using the examples from the conversation starter guide.

Get actionable strategies

One of the things we think is very important is offering people strategies they can take action on today. Next Level Conversation gives you activities you can take action on and do it easily.

Who Is This Course For?

Someone who wants to improve their social skills/conversation at work with collegues and managers.

You're having a hard time with the mindset and don't know how to shake anxiety.

If you're shy and need some tools to make friends. You're unsure about which social activties to take on.

Don’t just take our word for it...

We've helped thousands of people all around the world. Here's what some have to say:

It's a great course on how to improve conversations and overall communication with people. The sections I've gone through are great. I really like sections 3 and 4. I liked the tips and actionable strategies which I can use every day!


I think this is a great course for anyone who wants to improve their social skills quickly. Easy tips and the information on questions were very helpful. Makes a difference when out with people.


Having guides in addition to the course is super helpful. It makes talking to people easier because I can go out and talk to people knowing what I can talk about. I have conversation starters ready and a clear mindset. The course was very helpful.


It’s very motivating, educational, and informative.

Jocelyn Abatayo

Best conversation skills course I have come across, enough examples, and also very in-depth explanations.

Arjun M

It was a good course to know about how to start a conversation In a POSITIVE MANNER!

Karan Sharma

What You'll Learn

Learn to talk to anyone ... Even if you're not a natural.

How to start conversation

Has your mind blanked out because you had no idea where to start? Well, we offer a full guide on conversation starters for you.

Measure your charisma

We present a researched back method that shows you how charismatic you are. Find out!

Formula to talk to anyone

We created a full diagram on how you can talk to anyone! This will work for 99% of the situations you walk into when socializing.

Managing anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is a huge issue when socializing. The course goes into detail about tools to feel more at ease.

Improve confidence

Sometimes confidence is all you need to take your socializing to the next level. The course talks about how to get there.

Take a look at what more of our students think ...

Carol Fung

Clear.. and spot-on tips!

Arjun M

Best conversation skills course I have come across, enough examples, and also very in-depth explanations.

Ricky Malhotra

Beautiful words share in this course. Very helpfull to us.

Rakesh singh

Yes it was quite good because it is something like where you learn how to start a conversation with anyone and take it in a positive way for yourself and others also

Srikanth Aadilla

This training is very useful to me for professional growth as well as personal growth..

Shivani Bakshi

You're a great teacher. I love how you explain things simply and fluently.

It was great! I have learned so many things here like how to build your confidence, and how to engage with people or your co-workers. Thank you so much!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about what I will learn?

You will learn the right social behaviors to become more confident and likable. You will finally be able to have more meaningful conversations will people and not worry about awkward moments. You will finally learn how to make people listen to my conversation without making them boring. Keep the conversation going. If you’re looking for methods, and actionable strategies to improve conversations and overall social skills, then this is the course for you. Our goal is to drastically improve your conversation skills, your charisma, and overall communication. We want to take you to the next level in your social life.

I’m really shy/Introverted/Awkward. Will this work for me?

Our course, Next Level Conversation, isn't just a few conversational scripts or generic advice like “just be yourself!” It’s also not a band-aid. It's a program that will teach you to ENJOY conversations and social situations, one step at a time. You'll learn how to overcome mental barriers and successfully talk to anyone. Whenever you're feeling anxious or nervous, you'll have the tools to shine for the rest of your life.

What if the course doesn't work for me? Are there money back guarentees?

Yes, of course! This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you go through the course and don’t see results, email me and show me you did the work. We’re happy to give you a full, 100% refund within 30 days. You can try the entire course and decide for yourself. But in my experience, top students don’t ask about the refund policy. They’ve read my material and they know it works — so they walk in knowing, “I’m going to make this work for me.” I believe in you. I think you should too!

How fast can I start seeing results?

You can start seeing an improvement in how you socialize immediately. It's easier than you think because we provide best practices, examples, videos, and templates for you. But it also depends on YOU! We provide you with actionable strategies and research-based information, allowing you to implement them today. But, you need to put these methods into practice and experiment with what works for you. If none of it works we'll give you your money back no questions asked.

How long is the course?

This course is only 1.5 hours. We made it efficient and straight to the point. We will give you exact methods and details to take your social skills to the next level. We kept this course concise, compact, and actionable because we know you're busy. We also know that you may have to “pause” the course if you need a break. That’s why Next Level Conversation comes with lifetime access. Come back and revisit whenever you need a refresher.

I'm afraid of change. How can this course help me?

If you enroll in the course you will have the chance to finally:

Feel like the kind of person who can thrive in any social situation.

Feel confident you can carry conversations with people you’ve just met.

Become more likable and charismatic.

Contribute to conversations at work without feeling awkward and self-conscious.

Easily make new friends and contacts at social events.

Learn how to small talk the right way and turn small talk into deep conversations.

The ability to communicate more clearly, directly, and effectively.

When you're done with this course, you'll have learned the skills, knowledge, and ability to build genuine and authentic relationships with the confidence to take action and live the social life you've always wanted. The first step in doing something you’re afraid of is to take the first step. Here is it. Invest in yourself. You can do it!

What else do I get with the course?

A tremendous amount of bonuses and additional guides are all included! Check it out below:

*Strategies, methods, ideas, and research to drastically improve communication.

*Charisma methods and research-based questions will measure your likability.

*How to Build Confidence Guide.

*5 social hacks you can learn in 5 minutes, and much more!

*A 10-page Conversation Starter Guide.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any other questions, you can reply to this email with your question or email us at We'll get back to you in 24 hours. Most likely, you can answer your questions here!

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